Monday, March 7, 2011

Facebook homemade challenge #4

Back in January I decided to do the Facebook Homemade Challenge.

I have already posted
#1 for Paula
# 2 for Leslie
# 3 for Kendra

This one was For Debb.

She requested cranberry and yellow.
Luckily my quilt in the living room was these colours and I had scraps!

She was the guinea pig.
I had never made Mug Rugs before and was experimenting with size and styles. 

This was the fist one I made and I think it turned out pretty good. It has a pieced border.

my first attempt at quilting inside the box (not running the lines off the quilt)

Can you see the quilting lines?

After I had made these I had decided to make two identical ones for everyone else. Debb was very nice to let me send her these without having to make her matching ones.


Cheri said...

This is a nice way to quilt. I especially like the argyle like border on the diamond one. Inspiring me...keep stitchin'

Kendra said...

beautiful!! :)

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