Wednesday, October 13, 2010

fwd: blog post

I dont know how I found this blog but I believe she used to be the pastor's wife from the church we now go to in NC.
They moved up to ONT.

Click over to her site to read the rest of this post....

Manuel's Got Me Preachin' It Up

Anyone else glued to the TV news today?
Trying to get bits and pieces of things done while your heart is in Chile?
A little blurry eyed as you see the miners emerge and reunite with their friends and family?
I'm right with you.

Billions of people around the world are doing the same thing ... watching, waiting, praying, praising. Billions! When he heard the word BILLIONS George said, "I'm sure every business man in the world wishes his logo was on that rescue capsule ... advertising to billions!"

Stick with me here, cause I need to take a minute and preach it up.
Come on, you can say it out loud, "Preach it sister! Preach it!"

So, no business man had the forsight (or the tactlessness) to get his logo on the capsule. But as I see it there IS advertising ALL OVER this story.
Did you catch the name of the rescue worker? MANUEL
Manuel ... does that ring a bell?
Do you know what Manuel means? Literally it means, "God with us".

go read the rest of the post- I loved it.
God is Good!


Robin Saylor said...

Glad you reposted this ... this story has just moved me. Absolutely amazing story of God's sovereignty, power and love!

And yes, I was at FPC Lenoir - now in London, ON.
Say hi to the FPC gang!

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