Thursday, October 21, 2010

embrace your brokeness

This is a post from my friend Kendra over at Southern Disposition

She has an awesome blog that I enjoy reading a lot. You should go over and visit her there (and even leave her a comment!)

Here she talks about embracing her brokeness


10 Reasons Why I Embrace My Broke-ness

I like to think that Eric and I are (usually) ok at life. Thank goodness for good luck. Part of that is owed to our parents who were conscientious enough to realize that we would need to be decent, productive humans one day. Part of it was the God's unfailing grace - He knows what we need even when He has to drag us through it kicking and screaming. The rest, my friend, we owe to being broke. You were taught wrong: Necessity is not the mother of invention...poverty is.

Things I would have never learned with well-lined pockets:

1. You can buy GREAT movies for $5. We own a LOT of $5 movies. A lot, a lot. That's because $5 movies are how we "go on a date." We go to Blockbuster, pick out something we've never seen before, and have a date-on-the-sofa night. It's awesome.

2. You can have a fantastic date night on a shoestring.Even simple "nice" date nights can cost over a hundred dollars:
  • a nice dinner out for 2: $60
  • movie tickets at the fancy theater: $30
  • popcorn and drinks: $20
Instead we do this and save ourselves some funds:
  • $5 movie: $5
  • Takeout Dinner: $20
  • Wine: $15
3. Sewing is therapeutic. I learned to sew because it satisfied my need to create as well as my need to patch clothing and make curtains without having to pay someone.

4. Children don't have to be picky eaters................
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Kendra said...

haha - I'm glad someone else embraces their brokeness :) Thank you for reposting, Debbie!!

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