Monday, September 15, 2008

Trip to the Alps

Dave's co-workers were going to go to Switzerland but it is like herding cats ;) to get plans going.
Since Dave took a long a weekend already, we thought we should go somewhere. Dave wanted to stay in the EU.

Friday morning I woke up to Dave on the internet looking at what to do.
He suggested we drive to Munich and stay over and then go to Salzburg on Sat, retuning to Munich and then Drive home on Sunday.

So within in an hour after breakfast we were starting to pack. We left on an 8 hour drive to Munich. It was a bit of a rainy day and we were hoping it would get better.

After breakfast on Saturday we headed off on a 1.5 hour drive to Salzburg. It remained cloudy all day. It did start to clear a bit later in the day.

When we got there it was time for lunch. We stopped at a little cafe that was close to the parking lot on the way to the river (we both had to use a bathroom- so we stopped at the first one we saw)

We walked along the river towards the town center with my need for a jacket in mind. We walked along the oldest street in Salzburg and found many places that we could have bought something at. But they all were quite expensive and then we found a tourist shop. They have the sweaters with Austria on them etc. But we did see they had a wind breaker (they said it was for the rain) that was less money and not as warm. It was perfect for what I needed. I was so happy to have found it!

We were noticing many bands in the area and then saw where they were all going. In the square by the Cathedral there was at least 6 different bands there that were playing together. They sounded really good. But we have no idea why they were there. (I saw a guy dressed up in the Austria outfit)

From there we went to the Cathedral - which was nice and bright in the main area as a bomb landed there in 1944. The rest of the Cathedral was a bit darker. Its neat to look at them but they all seem to blend together after a while.

We then went up to the fortress. This fortress had never been taken. But it was surrendered once with out a fight to Napoleon. It was built over 600 (?) years. . It was really neat to go up. This is what Dave thinks of when he thinks castle. check out the photos :)

After we were done at the fortress we went for a horse drawn carriage ride. It was nice but short and expensive. 20 minutes 36E but it was nice. The horse only pooped once on the way- not bad at all- hehe.

We went back to the shopping street to walk a bit further (Dave found a hat shop but didnt buy anything) and had dinner at a pasta restaurant.

We drove back to Munich.

Sunday we got up at a decent time and had breakfast and got ready to go. We got bored and got off the high way and with the GPS help we found a castle that looked like that it was still lived in.

We timed how long it took to drive through Luxembourg. It was only 30 minutes! thats it! haha- takes longer to drive though Toronto! (mind you we crossed at a narrower sections I think.)

The entire trip was hampered by construction in every direction we went.

This is our final stats.... we would creep in construction other wise the stopped time would be higher.

Final Stats:
Total Time: 22 hours 47 minutes (plus an hour we forgot to have the GPS on)
Moving Time: 21 hours 18 minutes
Stopped time: 1 hour 29 minutes (including gas but not eating)
Max Speed: 164 km/hour (in Germany)
Overall avgerage: 83.6 km/h
moving average: 89.5 km/h


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