Tuesday, September 23, 2008

this is it...

Well today is our last full day in Belgium.

I know that there are a few that will miss us (as we will also miss them)but that there is also those who cannot wait for us to get home.

Its kinda of a bittersweet feeling. I know Dave is so ready to go home (and has been for over a month) but i have just gotten into a grove with friends.

Tomorrow we are checking out of the hotel around 10 am. Dave will go to work for a short day. KC is picking me up and we are going to hang out until 4:30 when Dave will pick me up and we will head off to the airport in Brussels. The flight doesn't leave until 9:30 or something like that.

We are flying to Ireland and staying overnight there. Our flight to Philadelphia is at 2:30pm(8:30 am EST) and we will arrive (finally) in Buffalo at 9:45 pm. We are being picked up by Daves parents and taken to my parents house. This means that there will be social time and late to bed!

So these next few days are going to be very busy for us.


Wed sept 24 - fly from Belgium to ireland
Thursday 25 - fly from Ireland to Philly and then to Buffalo
where daves parents will pick us up and bring us to my mom and dads
Friday 26 - chilling, 2pm lunch with Andrea, Dinner with Fam
Saturday 27 - visiting with family
sunday 28 - to church at cross point then of to beeton to visit with Daves family
Monday 29 - dave to work, haircut for me in evening
Tuesday 30 - bank appointment, dave to work, me to shopping with mom?

Wed Oct 1 - cross to the states

and then our next adventure starts!!!
signing on friday. we dont know when our furniture will arrive

so sorry to all my friends that I am not able to visit this time around.
I will always remember the goodbye party that we had before we left.

Its such a short time and we have a lot to do.
Please pray for safe travels for us on our many adventures.

also- feel free to leave comments (I like to know that people are reading my blog- not just my mom :) )


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