Wednesday, September 10, 2008

past week

Well, this past week I have been busy and not at the same time.
I have been hanging out with KC and Jamie a lot this past week.
We have been out for lunches and visiting each other. Yesterday KC even came to my hotel room and hung out here.

In my other spare time I have been drawing pictures for KCs kids. I get colouring pages off the internet and then draw them in my sketch book. I colour them in and then give them away. I did this with Dora and Winnie the Pooh. I just couldnt give away my Cinderella one (i liked ot too much!)

I had bought pencil crayons to do it but they are very pale (i guess the type of lead?) and so I just did one with my mini paint set that I brought with me. I think it turned out very well.

For my pencil drawings, I like my elephant better then my building ones. I havent done much with them after Ireland though. But I like KCs suggestion to hang them in a kids room some day.

I have gotten a lot further on my knitting (a blanket) but the drawing seems to have taken over that time. I usually knit when watching tv during the day (Diagnosis Murder and Murder She Wrote)but now BBC2 is not working so that cuts down on the shows I watch (a good thing i guess)

Now I should go for a bike ride and do my Bible study lesson for tomorrow.



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