Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Fabric

I havent posted much for quilting in the last while.

I have been a bit busy with a new baby and my toddler so quilting hasnt been high on my priorities. (I have been working a challenge quilt for my guild but that will come later)

I have been buying new fabric though.

Here are some fabric shots for you :)
(ignore my bad lighting in the basement)

I have a sock monkey panel to go with this.
The sock monkey fabric is so soft to the touch!

blue sailboats for a baby quilt- now to decide on how to make it!

my first layer cake- cant wait to chop it up!

these guys made me smile!

you cant see him here but there is a beaver that caught my attention on here!

This is a nice soft grey to add to my stash.

These were all bought in Lewisville KY on our road trip there over Memorial Day weekend

Peak Hour for a quilt for Zeke to go in his room. I ordered it from Intrepid Thread. She is so sweet and sent it wrapped up with a personal note!

this is the one that caught my attention 

the cars match perfectly with his room

my collection of it together. 

This should keep me busy for a while right??

I have 3 baby quilts due in August. 
One is "sailboat"
One is for a "Noahs Ark" theme
One is just "jungle/african animals"


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