Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Challenge quilt.

our quilt guild offered up a chance to do a Challenge Quilt. 

We were given 3 fabrics we HAD to use a recognizable sized piece and were only allowed to add another 5 fabrics.
We had to have 3 types of embellishments and one had to be from nature. 
We also had to have once appliqued piece.
The total size of quilt had to be 16x16 to 40x40 = less than 160inches total around. 
And finally the artist name had to be quilted in.

The Quilt had to be based on a memory and a short story was to be written up. 

The quilts were displayed at the Summer Supper (blog post here) where each member in attendance got to vote on them based on the story as well as the quilt.

I had some issues getting this quilt done since it was due the beginning of June and we got our fabric in March. Of course I didnt start it right away. 

In March I was working on the scavenger hunt photos. Plus I was getting bigger and bigger and it was harder to spend time cutting fabric. 
Then I had Abigail and wasnt quilting for a few weeks after that. 
May brought another scavenger hunt to take photos for. By the time I got a hold of the quilt guild the quilt was due that week. I was given an extra week thankfully! 

Here are some pictures of my quilt and the process.

This was my first time doing any kind of paper piecing. I couldnt find a tent that I liked so I found a picture and tried my hand at it. I only did the tent like that and I really should have done a lot more because it was hard getting seams to lie flat after.

added embellishments and basted (mostly)

Quilting it in the car on the way to the Flash Mob (link)

I think Dave likes it


All done! in shade

In sun

 With my story (read it below)

initials quilted in the moon
 you can sort of see them in orange on the back
 the tent quilted

 Embellishments: the flowers, buttons and sticks (from nature)
Applique: fire, moon, and bike (kinda) 

Challenge Quilt 2012

I am from a family of 4 kids. In this memory I was about 12, my brother about 11, and my sisters were 7 and 5. 

When I was growing up we lived on a dairy farm. My dad had to be home twice a day to milk the cows making it hard for us to go on vacation. 

Our vacations consisted of going to a campground about 10 minutes away from our house. We loved going camping. My dad would often come into the house in the morning on a Thursday or Friday and ask mom if we wanted to go camping that weekend. Them mom would call up the campground to see if “our spot” was available. She would try to get us the same spot each time we went. We would go camping on the Island section where there was no water or power hook up but there was a tap close by. The Island also gave us a limited range of where to ride our bikes. We could bike anywhere as long as we didn’t cross the bridge.

Biking on the island was easy, there was only one hill. This hill was a problem for my youngest sister. She was just learning how to bike with her training wheels.

She tried so hard to keep up with us but she had one problem. At the bottom of the hill there was a turn in the road. She would build up too much speed and not be able to make the turn crashing her bike almost every time she went down it. 

That summer she crashed into the campsite right below the hill so many times that there was a path worn though the small patch of trees from that site to ours. 

After that summer spent patching up skinned knees and elbows our family dubbed that hill “Missy’s Hill” and we still refer to it as that to this day, although it looks a whole lot less steep than it did back then.

~~Debbie DeBaeremaeker


Size: 17x18
Fabrics: 3 challenge fabrics + 5 others: sky, trees, ground, yellow and red in fire
Embellishments (one nature): buttons, sticks, iron on flowers
Applique: moon, fire, bike
Artist name hidden in quilting: initials hidden in moon


Kendra said...

Debbie, I love it! And your story! <3 You're so talented!!!

Erika Jean said...

Oh my, this is SO cool. Very creative. I really like the little twigs!

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