Monday, November 29, 2010

Dave's Batman Quilt

Dave has been requesting a quilt from me for a while- but he had a specific theme in mind. He wanted to have a Batman quilt. This proved to be a bit difficult since he wanted to have the bat symbol as the center of the quilt.

I was trying to think of ways to make this without having to piece the bat symbol myself. 

During one of my many trips to wal-mart, where I swing through the clearance aisle faithfully, I found it!
They had a twin sized batman sheet set and curtains on sale. The sheet set was just what I needed - the pillow had the bat symbol!
When I brought it to the counter it was even more on sale- it was only $9!

I had this sitting for a few weeks in the guest room/quilting room. Then Dave asked me when it would be ready and that he would like to hang it up for the Family and Friends Fun Night at work.!

I had to get moving!

I had to rip the seam in the pillow

here are the sheets

choosing colours

Dave wanted to have the colours expand as they radiated out. this quilt quickly grew larger then the wall hanging he was expecting. 

it fit the top of the bed!
I used the other side of the pillow case on the back to make the backing sheet fit. I basically created another quilt top for the back. 
I also had to make a way to hang it. I used the trim from the sheet to make the sleeve for the curtain rod to go in.

Having 2 quilt tops made it very difficult to quilt together and line things up straight. I quilted it by machine to get it done in time. I had a lot of puckering then I would have gotten if I quilted by hand.

Here is the back of the quilt where I was sewing up the seam with Zeke "helping"

I got it done by Thursday morning with the event on Friday.

And here is the final product- hanging large and proud at work for Dave. 

Dave loves the size. He never did measure how big that he wanted the quilt to be. He just wanted something to hang in the glass divider. The other side of this wall is the ping pong table and pool table. On his side is his and his co-workers desks. 
The guys seem to like this :)

And on the back - Batman keeps an eye on the pool players.
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