Monday, April 4, 2011

To Florida we go

We are going on a 3 week vacation this summer. Its a road trip. With an 17 month old and a dog.
Dave wanted to go see a space shuttle launch so we booked a long weekend trip to Florida. Unfortunately they moved the launch date. We decided to keep the trip and go to Florida anyways and go to the Kennedy Space Center.

This would be a warm up trip to see what we how it will go.

how both Zeke and Bailey (can you see her?) traveled for a couple hours.

Geocache location

Dave blogged about our trip down.

oh no! who let out Thing 1?

Zeke with Gramma and Pake.
My parents were in Florida about 2 hours away so they came for a night and watched Zeke

We spent the next morning with them as well.

Our first stop was to see Manatees. Dave blogged about that trip in another post

Daddy and Zeke


Zeke fell in so we took off the clothes

We did some caching while Zeke napped in the car. 
This happened while Dave was on a cache hunt

 The following day we went to the Kennedy Space Center.
Dave blogged about that day here
He sometimes sits like this- funny boy!

There is a space shuttle loaded and ready to blast off on April 19th

This building is huge!
The blue is as big as a basketball court.
Each stripe is 8 feet wide

 The next day was a driving day to get home. We only did a couple caches on the way.

Home Sweet Home!


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