Tuesday, August 10, 2010

science center

On Fridays I go to Baby Time with Zeke at the Hickory Library. Usually after this we go on to get things we need in Hickory or we go home.

This week we decided (Deborah and I) that we would go to the Catawba Science Center. We had found out a while ago that it is FREE on Fridays. Deborah and I have both taken advantage of this on separate occasions but not with both our boys. They have a butterfly exhibit on that I wanted to see.

We walked over since its in the complex as the library.

We first went to the butterfly exhibit:

They even put sugar water on your finger to attract the butterflies- I didnt as I was carrying Zeke with one arm and the camera in the other.

We then went to the art gallery for a few minutes but the boys got bored with it.

We headed over to the interactive fun for kids section.

saw a tortoise and a moose head.

Then it was time for some fun!


Kendra said...

OH!!! I miss the Science Center so much! Looks like you guys had fun, Debbie!

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