Friday, May 30, 2008

georgous day!

well today is beautiful!
I was so warm today, that once I came home i put on shorts.

But first I should back up and tell you what happened since the last post. Last night we went out with some of Daves Coworkers to the same Italian restaurant that we went to Tuesday. the reason that we went out is because one of his coworkers is leaving and this was his goodbye dinner thing. I must say it was again very tasty.We then went to a genuine Irish Pub (which I know Dave was happy for). When we got there, there were some other Googlers there already. We took up a good portion of the available sitting space. It was VERY crowded and it was only Thursday. We left that pub at 1230 and headed down to another bar. This one had a cover charge and was playing more pop/ dance music. Dave and I were already a bit tired so we didnt stay that long. Im not sure when we got home though.... 2ish?

So Dave and I both slept in this morning. I signed up yesterday for the viking splash tour and I thought Ihad a lot of time to get to it so I left 30 min ahead of time but it turns out that it took 1/2 hour of a brisk walk and I got there just in time! The Tour itself was pretty good. When we went into the canal basin we saw where U2 had their recording studio. They are currently there working on a new album to be released in 2008. The windows and doors were open but there were no cars in the parking garage yet- after it was only noon. Our tour guide did say that since they are demi-gods noon is their dawn.

After the tour II bought lunch at a convenience store and ate it in the park "St. Stephens Green". There were ducks there that were very interested in my sandwich! I then walked through Grafton street which is a shopping street where the street gets closed to regular traffic. I took an eco friendly bike as close to home as I could. Its a 3 wheel bike that has a 2 person seat in the back. It was a bumpy ride but it was free. They are sponsored each month and therefore they are plastered in advertising (7up this month). They can only be picked up at 2 locations and have a limited radius. but hey- they are free!

In the courtyard near here they have a little market set up so I picked up some new crop potatoes from Ireland and other veggies for tonight.

So I came home and changed into shorts since it was such a warm day. I opened all the windows then found the courtyard. I went out and read in the sun.

Now Im cooking supper for Dave and I. Potatoes, carrots, squash, and hot and spicy chicken. sounds good eh?

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