Thursday, May 29, 2008

boat tour

hello welcome to the next edition of my blog.
as Im writing this Im talking to Andrea on msn about my day. So if I forget anythings its because Im distracted!

well it started as a nice sunny day when I woke up this morning. I put on capris and headed out. Im glad that I put a sweater around my waist. The weather here is very moody. By lunch time i needed to put my sweater on and got rained on a bit.

I went to the visitor center to see what I could do today. The thing i wanted to do was booked for today so i booked to for tomorrow. I decided that I would walk around the area and also go see where we have to pick up the tour on sat. around noon I was in the right area but was getting hungry. I decided to go to mcDonalds- I know I know, why McDs? it was there - it wasnt very cheap. It was E6.10. but its a 1.5 exchange rate makes it a bit much. all food seems to be the same price without the exchange rate. I also notice that gas is the same. its E1.25 /L here.

After lunch I found where we have to be on Sat. and continued walking along. I found the bus station that we would have to go to to take a bus to London. I headed back to the River Liffey and walked along the boardwalk there.

I found a boat tour that followed the river out to the mouth. It was a 40 min cruise. The river is tidal so it goes in and out with the tide. It was at low tide so we were quite a bit down so it was a bit hard to see everything. They had windows on the roof as well so you could see up. It was totally enclosed so it was a nice ride.

Once the ride was over I continued along the river and found some swans swimming in the river. I got home around 3:30pm. I went and bought toilet paper and shreddies for Dave.

When I got home I tried the wash machine again. Its supposed to wash and dry but we cannot find the instructions anywhere in the apartment. It does not dry at all and there is no drying rack in the place. Since we are sharing the apartment I cant just lay out our undies to dry.

Now its 5:30 and I have to remain at home. Dave leaves work about 630 (on most nights) and I have his keys. I have to be home to let him in!

Yesterday wasnt an exciting day. I stayed home most of the day. I tried doing laundry but there was issues. But we had the maids come in and clean up a bit. They usually change the sheets and towels and do a quick clean. They were very surprised to see me :)

well thats all I have for now.
tonight we have a good bye party for one of Daves Co-worker. I think we will go to the Italian restaurant and then to a pub. We will see.


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