Sunday, August 23, 2015

Melissa's Wedding Quilt

Last year my sister announced she was getting married. I knew what I wanted to do for her- A quilt of course!

As I was talking about colours etc. I asked her about a signature quilt rather than just a regular quilt.

So I made up the blocks to take to the wedding and had a station so everyone could sign them.

the doors led to the Brunch line

Since that time I was working on getting the blocks together and a backing and getting it to the quilters. 

I managed to finish it in time to bring it with me to my parents house this summer. Less than a year from her wedding date! I made my goal!

this is the back. both were taken at moms house. 

Dave and I had a plan of going on a road trip without the kids so we took a detour and dropped this off at Melissa and Bobs. 

 They loved it!

If you want to read the individual squares they are in this album:


Bretta Elmore said...

That is beautiful!!!! You did a fabulous job!!! They will treasure it always!!! =)

Dew said...

Wow! That is quite a labor of love, Debbie! So beautiful and perfect colours!

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