Thursday, August 21, 2014

Melissa and Bob's Wedding

Here is a small sampling of my sisters wedding. She got married Aug 16th in Ontario at my parents house. 

As we got closer to the date we worried about the weather more and more! 
We made it through the ceremony and lunch and the first dance before the rains started. 

The ducks in the pool 

 I am making her a signature quilt and used it as a guest book. 
 the doors to the left are where people went in to get brunch. Everyone had to walk by
 So pretty on the stairs. I love her hair from above!

 My kids did so well as the flower girl and ring bearer. Abigail was doing one petal at a time!

here comes the bride!

making it official

presenting Mr&Mrs!!

Google Autoawesomed this one

such a yummy brunch (her favorite meal). I think she ruined normal breakfasts for us all for a while!

they poured syrup on the waffle rather than cut a cake :)

my sister and our grandfather

SO SO SO windy for the first dance!

never saw a first dance with so much laughing

And her bustle button broke so she had to carry her dress for the rest of the day

 my dad and sister made up their own dance to "daddy's girl"

my daughter with Aunt Awesome


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. Everyone looks so great, especially your two. So, was everything done at your parents house? How big is their land? How many guests? My favorite part was the waffle and syrup. Whose wonderful idea?

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