Friday, January 31, 2014

Quick and easy tote for swimming

So I have been going to aquafit 4/5 times a week now. I was using an old kinda carry on/ luggage piece that I had kicking around. It worked fine but I wanted something a bit prettier :)

I looked for a while and came across this tutorial: 

I printed out the instructions and looked how much material I wanted to use the pink vinyl covered cotton for the inside of the bag. 

I upped the bag dimensions to fit the fabric I had and started sewing. 

Bag pieces cut:
2 pieces of batting: 19x10.5
2 bag pieces: 19x21
2 pocket pieces: 19x17
handles with 3 inch x length of fabric (4 pieces = two handles. I sewed them together and turned)

This tutorial is great for the vinyl cotton as it keeps the sticky vinyl to the inside until the final top stitch around the bag. 

Here it is filled with my pool stuff. As you can see the blue made pockets on the outside. 

yes NC got snow. and yes they cancelled school and the gym closed early. 

looking down on my bag

this is what I fit in it. 

very cute bag. I love it
its too small still. 

I have already headed out to Hancocks and got more fabric to make a bigger one!!
Maybe I can figure out how to have pockets on the inside AND outside :)


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

That turned out really nice. If you make a new one you can use this one for the kids next summer. If I know you, you'll figure out the pocket thing.

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