Saturday, June 15, 2013

How To Line Up Blocks When Piecing Across Sashing

So here is a brief tutorial about lining up blocks across the sashing.

If you are trying to line up blocks that have been sewn into rows across the sashing and have them match up- dont just sew them straight together! I ened up with 2 inches left over and the blocks not matching up!
 First: take a  ruler and place along edge of block over the sashing.
 second: Mark the spot! this is where you will be lining up the seams
 third: starting in the middle of the rows that you are piecing together line up and pin the seam with the pencil mark (You can see the red thread that i had to rip out because I forgot this part)
fourth: line up the next blocks seam and pencil marks and pin the center of the block as well. if there is extra fabric use more pins and ease it flat. Do not pull it to one side as you will get a fold.

fifth: continue until all blocks are pinned down. then sew and repeat on next row.


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