Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Kendra's Quilt

An ex-coworker of Dave's and I have become good internet friends.
I have been with her (online) though some of her life's Journey as they moved to Philadelphia and then to Charlotte, as well as some personal struggles with secondary Infertility.
I was also told (before facebook) of their Pregnancy!!

That day I had gone to a quilt show and had bough an adorable charm pack. As we were talking and planning I asked about room colours (they are Not finding out the gender) and realized this would be PERFECT for a baby quilt for her.

So I started with circles since I know they appeal to Kendra. A charm pack fits a CD very nicely.
I traced and hand cut them all.

 I took a background square and folded it in half and took a folded circle and folded that in half to find the middle. I then eyeballed it to find the center.

Pinned and sewed.

I did a zig zag stitch on it and that was a mistake. I should have stitched just inside the circle or fused them on or something.

Her getting pregnant kicked my but a bit to get my quilting room cleaned up and useable. 
(yep - worked on this one since Jan)

I like how it came out of the washing machine. 

After washing and drying I realized that some of the circles had pulled back from the stitches. 
I spent some time whip stitching them back down. I hope they stay and dont come apart later! 

I even added hand quilting to the inside of each circle to help hold things down. 

 I split up the busy back with an animal pattern. I think it looks like a watering hole!

I picked the grey to match the elephants- pretty good eh?

I love how the circles showed up on the back!
 love the polkadot binding!

started Feb 4th. Finished March 11. 

AND then it waited!

We had such a hard time getting together!

Finally on May 18th we met up at Five Guys Burgers and Fries and were able to see each other and I could give her her quilt!

 Big sister Sadie has nicknamed the baby "Fergus"

I am so super excited for you Kendra, Eric and Sadie!
Fergus- You have a great family to be born into!


Shannon said...

So very cute!! You did a great job on that quilt. I love it. Your sewing room looks great also!!

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