Tuesday, November 13, 2012

new living room furniture

Dave and I have been talking about getting some new furniture for a long time but not really seriously. 
My parents were here and looking for some coffee tables etc. so I went with them and though about going and looking for ourselves, I mentioned it to Dave and put the bug in his ear. I wanted to just go look to see what was out there.

Saturday we went to a couple stores (we do live in the furniture capital of the US in NC) and ended up at a Broyhill outlet. 

We found Dave his man chair he wanted and a lovely red sofa couch and an arm chair. 
and bought them

excuse the mess- they called to say they were bringing the new stuff in 10 - 15 min!! our old stuff was recliners in the couch and both chairs (im standing by one)
This was the furniture we bought when we got married.
 our new stuff!~
much smaller 

 enjoying the new digs

 Daves man chair


Dallas said...

Looks nice! I really wanted a red couch for a while, and still like them, but we ended up going with a leather couch and doing red accent pieces in our living room. Looks like the kids approve of the new furniture. :)

Sylvia said...

Looks nice! Family looks happy too. :-)

Gerry said...

Thought that was a real baby on the floor! Haha. :D Sure fooled me! Anyway, this is a great living room! The very bright colors and tone are so suitable for children. It gives a fun and cozy atmosphere.

- Gerry Bossier -

Debbie said...

Thanks everyone!

Gerry- my mom said the same thing!

England Furniture said...

Looks like the entire family is enjoying your new living room furniture. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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