Sunday, October 28, 2012

Carmen's Cancer Comfort Quilt

A friend from my Sunday school class was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. In fact, I was the last person she was talking to in the dr. office before she got her test results back. They were not worried since she was 36 and it didnt look like something she had to be too worried about so we were laughing and joking about things in the waiting room. 

She got the news that it was cancerous. 

I started planning. (and shopping!)

I knew I wanted to make a quilt for her and I knew I wanted to involve people from church. What better way than a signature quilt. 

I started researching. I ened up using the Sharpie "Stained" fabric markers as they didnt bleed as much and they stayed pretty dark after washing a bunch of times. 
(before washing- and I forgot to take an after)
 I also started playing with the layout.

I got people to sign the quilt blocks with messages of comfort, healing or prayers or scripture.

We had to be sneaky as I didnt want her to find out about it! We met in empty sunday school rooms without her knowing, I had people sign blocks when she wasnt at the wednesday night programs. After her mastectomy I was able to get a lot of people after church to sign blocks since it was a combined service!

I had wanted to give it to her before she started chemo, but life got in the way and she started last Wednesday. 

The front- 80 squares, all signed

My dedication block. I didnt sign it as I usually do and filled in a block instead.
we even had kids sign

My long arm quilter had this lovely pattern for an awareness ribbon with the flower in the center. - matches perfectly!

the back, another 8 squares signed

Love the binding- has a bit of sparkle

I gave it to her today (Sunday)

When I said I had a present for her, she pulled it out and said something along the lines of "I thought it would be a quilt"

But then she noticed the signatures and was blown away.

covered in love

Our thoughts and prayers are with you Carmen!


Pokey said...

Oh, what a blessing for you to work on this labor of love! I do hope Carmen will get well soon, we see many ladies survive this dreaded disease ~

Shannon said...

What a wonderful gift!! I love the look on her face!! Good job!!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

This totally blew me away! Dave sent me over to check out your quilts - just beautiful work!!

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