Saturday, December 4, 2010

there are good days and there are bad days- which do you choose?

I follow this blog and she posted something that made me think.... What kind of days do I choose?

You can read Estelle's blog here

You know, surprisingly, there is alot of criticism going out to those who are labeled as "optimistic" or "positive" people. I've heard it many times. As soon as something positive comes out of your mouth, there's usually someone there to bring up the negative.

"You just wait. Your turn will come."
"Wake up and smell the real world."
"Someday, you'll come around."
"I've heard that before."
"Ignorance is bliss."
"Too good to be true."
"Don't get too excited."

It's almost like people don't want you to be positive, or perhaps they think that your positivity is somehow a tool you're using to make them feel bad about being negative. Or maybe they're trying to help you get a grip on "reality". Frankly, our "reality" is marred in such a way that can definitely benefit from a little positivity.

I have always considered myself to be a positive person. I choose to think the best about people, I don't hold grudges, and I make thankfulness a habit in my life. That being said, I do have bad days just like everyone else. I don't go talking about it on facebook, and I don't bring it up in conversation unless I really feel I need to. My life is not perfect..but focusing on that will never help me succeed. Just because you speak positive words in the midst of your difficult circumstances doesn't make you fake or ignorant. It only makes the negative things temporary in your mind. Negative circumstances should never be treated like they're the norm or like they're a permanent "resident". There's no way I'm going to live and walk in that mess. Doesn't mean my circumstances have to change means I have to change first.

So I have a bad day every so often...SO WHAT? I can either choose to soak it up, bathe in it and make it a part of me, or I can choose to rise above it, recognizing that it's only temporary and I will not own it. .....continued....

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I am choosing to have a good day :)


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