Saturday, May 1, 2010

Look ma!

So I have been noticing a few things that Zeke does lately.

First off he likes to sit with his feet crossed. This amused me at first because I thought he just wiggled into that position. After watching him a few times I realized that he purposely gets into that position(which still amuses me)

isn't it cute:

Zeke has also become adept at finding his pacifier and putting it back in his mouth. Often times I will hide it among a bunch of toys in his crib and a few minutes later I will look at him playing and see that he has it in his mouth~ self soothing!

(I thought I had a Picture of this- but I cannot find it!)

Zeke has learned about the light pull on the fan. He learned this a while back but i didn't realize how much fun he had with it until Dave was gone. I couldn't hold him up high enough to play with it but every time we went past it he would smile and get excited.

Zeke also has learned that he can pull himself up.He cant get to his feet yet but in these two pictures you can see how he got himself to his knees.

My little boy is getting mobile! uh oh!

oh- and he is cutting his third tooth!
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