Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Year in Review 2012

In January I finally completed a quilt top. It was for friends whose baby was born 6 weeks early and was in the hospital for a while.

 February brought me to a baby shower for a wife of a co-worker who was having a baby boy:

Zeke got a thomas quilt from mommy for his new bedroom!

(you can even see a bit of my pregnant belly in the stripped shirt

another baby shower for Christina!

and yet another baby quilt for Anna. There were 4 (local) that I knew that were all due roughly the same time I was.

In April I made my first bag:

And a quilt for my own baby girl:

and then I made this:

In June My quilt guild had a challenge quilt for the yearly get together "The Salad Supper"

And I also made a baby quilt for Meredith.
I loved it so much I have bought the same material to make myself one!

Then in July April was having a baby boy who had a sailboat theme. It was not easy to find sailboats the day I was looking for fabric.

In August we went to Canada for 3 weeks and I made this quilt while I was at my mom and dads.
I have since donated it to my quilt guilds Robin's Nest stash of quilts.

I was also able to make my sister an apron by request with no pattern.

While we were in Canada my friend Amy had a baby girl. I was very excited that I got to meet her before we went home and give her this quilt:

In September I made a bag to keep in the car to put Zekes cars into to keep them contained. 

In October a friend from church was diagnosed with breast cancer.
The first thing that popped in my head was to make a prayer/ healing quilt.
So I got members from church to add verses, and sayings to blocks and made her a quilt and gave it to her after her first chemo treatment.

In December I made a quilt for my neighbour Natasha. 

Ok- I made more quilts than I thought I did. This January I am planning to organize my quilting space. It has not been looked at since I dumped things here from moving Zeke into the guest room taking away my quilting area. 


Duffman said...

Very cool. Not sure if I commented on the January post. But I very much like that the pictures include the verses.

Debbie said...

its a great panel

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

You made ALL those quilt in one year? That is so impressive. Ad they are all so beautiful.

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