Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Danielle's Baby quilt

I am starting to get to know another Google Wife +Danielle Morton

I made this quilt up for her and her little boy to be.


it is not blowing- i cut it on a bit of an angle by the looks of it :(



guests admiring it

Here is the link to the photos I took at the baby shower:


Monday, March 23, 2015

Merediths second baby Quilt

I have made Meredith a baby quilt once before.

But I like making more and since she is having her third child I figured why not!

At the last shower I found out that she was partial to yellow.

I found this yellow panel in my stash.
Except it was skinny!

I was so very lucky to see the perfect blue in my stash!!!

I quilted it in large diamonds in the center and half sized ones in the border

fun backing



 I wasnt able to be at her baby shower but met her a week later in hosting another friends shower so I was able to give it to her then!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Brendyl's baby quilt quilt

Prepare yourselves....
There is a slew of baby showers so you all can see some of what I have been working on. 

+Brendyl Smith and +Bryan Smith had their baby shower last Saturday. 

They have 2 little boys and now is having a girl! So she got a lot of pink things.

I didnt know she was naming the baby Eleanor (Ellie for short) when I picked out this fabric. 

(i think of elephants with that name for some reason- maybe the "e" in common)

Then I couldnt decide how to quilt it so +Dave DeBaeremaeker suggested I quilt around the elephant. 
And then I echo quilted inside of the elephant and did some straight line box things for the rest. 


and signed

an outfit

little lasso

and she just noticed what was at the bottom of the bag...

I think she was happy to get a quilt from me

what do you think?

E is for me

here it is in the nursery :)

Here is a link to all the baby shower photos I took that day.


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

upcycled dress for Abigail

I decided to try upcycling for the first time. 

WE had this t-shirt of abigails that the graphic was coming off. 

yuck- right?

so I cut off the top about 1 inch below the armpits

and made a tube of fabric using some remnants I picked up from hancocks. 

yay- french seam (I also used a decorative stitch along the bottom hem. )

I thought it needed more- So I grabbed some trim. 
+Christina Borrego Buck gave this to me a while ago and I found a good use for it here. 

Abigail modeling for me. 

because it was just a tube on a t-shirt that was a bit too big on her the back looks a little funny. not sure how to fix it- so  im going to leave it. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

14 is fabulous Scavenger Hunt

I have been doing these scavenger hunts for 13 hunts now (missed the first one)

500 participants  are all given a list of 10 words (phrases) and sent out to create the best photos we can. 

This are my contributions:

Funny Face. 
My mom and Abigail traded glasses. my moms face was funnier but this had a better cute factor

This is a real plant. I got it in as much focus as I could. 

Animals are Awesome
We were to take photos that showed animals being awesome not just cute. 

Fall Colours
taken 5 minutes from my house. I love this area!

This is from Zeke's birthday party. I went with B&W so it would hopefully stand out from the bright colours of the rest of the photos

google Autoawesome tried to do a panorama and cut zeke out except his feet. I dont do spooky/creepy etc so I used this picture editing it to make it look a little more spooky 

I was drawing a blank as to what to use for witch when I went to my friends cabin. I hoped to imply witch from Hansel and Gretel or something.

When You See It
This category we were to make a photo that looked pretty safe but then hide something in it. usually something spooky. again- i dont do spooky. So this fellow was at the renaissance faire. 
When I saw the bunny slippers I knew I had my "when you see it"

I am not that romantic but when these two were playing I thought "budding romance"
This is +Dallas Strömberg s daughter. they came to visit overnight on a trip from California. 

Letter C
We were to take a photo of something with the letter C. I chose corn. 
this was taken on a field trip with the preschool. this was taken in a corn maze at about Abigail's level

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