Saturday, January 14, 2017

Tiffany's quilt

Went to Tiffany's baby shower today.

The front is Paddington and the back is old testament cartoons

Sunday, March 13, 2016

A Quilt for Kaley

wow- I havent posted in a long time.

I still need to recap last years quilts and blog about the two other quilts I have finished.

But first, here is the quilt I made for a little girl

Abigail modeling the top for me

I like how it came out of the wash machine
One of the first books Kathy bought for her daughter was 
"You Are My Cupcake" by Joyce Wan

These characters are adorable.
I put the opened eyed ones on pink and the closed eyed ones on purple.
Kaley can play a matching game :)

This label was on the sheet of fabric that she had gotten.

fancy stitches on the binding

the back


and labeled 

Thursday, December 31, 2015

end of the year wrap up 2015


First finish was a baby quilt with candy pack (2.5 inches)


I upcycled a dress for abigial that she is wearing a year later, just a couple inched grown


March brought a couple baby showers so that means quilts!

This one was for Brendyl. I found out at the baby shower that her baby's name was going to be Eleanor (Ellie for short)

The second one was for Meredith. This is her second quilt from me.


April brought Danielles baby shower


Floor pillows for the kids

Then I made a dignity quilt for Shalom Manor where I used to work.

And the previous years mystery quilt was completed and blogged about


We made Abigail a dressing room

Then I got to make a quilt for my friend Rachel


I made a few projects


I finally got to give my sister her wedding quilt!!

September- December

I have no idea why i didnt blog anything. I did work on things though. Some of them are here. 

I made some things for the arts council christmas sale

finished this top- blog coming this year
  The presents I gave my gift exchange partner at quilt guild
 designed my own chicken shelf sitter because she has chickens

 She also likes to make zentangles so i made this book cover to hold pens

 and a chicken ornament 

 I bought this table from Ikea.  it can go up and down


normal sewing height

a kitty ornament for me

 Went to a paint night with Tiffany

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