Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rebecca's baby shower

Rebecca's husband and my husband work together. 
Her husband was in California at Google's head office in Mountainview. 
They were moving.
To North Carolina
when Rebecca was 8 months pregnant. 
They drove.

Which brings us to this baby shower. We (other Google wives) decided that she needed a baby shower for this baby. Rebecca and her son met some of us and our kids at a play date we had.

We planned to have a shower in just over a week and a half. Deborah was a bit concerned that I wouldnt be able to get my planned gift done in time. 

I already had this fabric cut from when I cut out this quilt.

It only took 2 days of working on it to get it done. 

I just used my presser foot to quilt this so its a bit wonky .

 The back is a muslin sheet I found at Good Will. It's tag was still pretty new.

Here she is opening the present.

Now on to her shower. 

The lovely cake by Meredith.

Cant have a shower without awesome food!

I was in charge of games and we did many one of which was "pin the soother on the baby"

opening presents

Here is the rest of the pictures:


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Having never made it to 8 mos. preg (mine were all quite premature)- I just cannot immagine traveling in a car that pregnant~! Cute little quilt you gifted and thank you for shareing the slide show.

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