Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mistake fixed. Pillow Mattress finished and Tutorial

My friend Kendra made a Pillow Mattress that was featured on Ucreate yesterday.

I had just bought pillows from Ikea to make it. 

I gave it a shot Yesterday and it was horrible!! ok- maybe it wasnt that bad but I didnt lay it out - I was just doing it from my mind. at night. 

Here is how I made my pillow mattress Round 2

Step 1 : Do NOT do what I did on yesterdays post!

Step 2: Cut your mistake up

Step 3:  Lay out your fabric in the order you want them and realize they are folding in half the wrong way

 Step 4: Make fabric strips 60 x 29 (width of pillow plus a little)

 Step 5: Sew strips together. Make sure pillows will work out.

Step 6: hem all edges 

Here I added a strip to make mine up to 60 inches. With all my mistakes yesterday I didnt have the correct amount of fabric.

 My layout with the longer side being the fold over.

Step 7: place pocket back to back and fold the main piece face to face and sew up the edges

you can see Kendras blog in the back giving me the helping hand!

you can see its face to face with the pocket piece back to back.
 Step 8: fold right side out.  See the pocket is inside the envelope .

 Step 9: Sew down each section. I used a zig zag for stability and decoration.

Step 10: Lay it out and Stuff it! 


I cant wait for Zeke to give this a try!

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