Sunday, July 17, 2011

Quilt in a day

actually I think it took 4 hours to make. split between a nap and bed time.

A coworker of Dave's wife had a baby about 7 weeks early 3 weeks ago. They have been traveling back and forth to the hospital every day. I dont think they have a huge support system here as their parents are out of state like ours.

So I decided I would bring them a meal and arranged to bring it this Sunday. Well Saturday I realized I didnt have a quilt ready for them.

I had a top done and ready to be quilted but I didnt have batting to fit it. I could have pieced together batting but Im not sure what all the heights I have hanging around.

I did have one piece that would fit this panel

The panel had a bit of room on the sides so I added a border to it. There wasnt that much measuring going on- just enough so I had even sides etc. I was going by the width of the batting. I didnt have very much wasted at the end either!
With so much pinks in it I needed to have a boy border.

I made the top and bottom border smaller because I didnt want it to be so long. 

 Isn't this a cute panel? Its animal ABCs

 I used a lot of pins to hold this together for quilting. I didnt want to waste time basting with thread like I usually do.
It was very prickly quilting this one.
 I had all these pins it and could have used more but thats all I had available.
 My hubby holding up the finished product.
 Great model
The back is IKEA fabric again, perfect for a little boy.
 And this is what it looked liked after a wash.
 signed and delivered today with spaghetti dinner for them before they head off to the hospital again.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love alpha quilts for wee ones - and the back is just too cute. Can't beat a cute panel for a quick quilt that I am sure is appreciated and going to get much love.

Pokey said...

You have a wonderfully sweet finish for this tiny new boy, how thoughtful of you. I do like your Ikea fabrics!

Shannon said...

Just perfect!! It is so cute. I am sure they loved the dinner and the quilt. It is nice of you to be a great friend.

Tiffany said...

The quilt is absolutely beautiful! The picture doesn't even do it justice. I'm sure our little one will enjoy many tummy time sessions on it with all the vibrant colors and pictures! The meal was delicious too. Thank you so very much!!

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