Thursday, July 21, 2011

so creative Zeke

My friend Kendra at Southern Disposition  does so many crafty projects I can't even begin to list them all. 
She and her 4 year old daughter do so many that she has recently been mistaken as a SAHM.

Here is here post talking about her work both in and out of the home and the projects she does with Sadie. 

She has inspired me to do something more than just giving Zeke crayons to try. 

I decided to go with the easiest thing (since he is only 21 months old) I could think of.... watercolour!

First I took the canvas boards and painted them with water. 

Then I showed Zeke some tricks.

I watched him on the first canvas- getting him to rinse his brush out etc.

He is really good at painting. 

The paint "bled" because I had water on the page already.

this is his first painting done.

Painting #2 I let him just go at it after the first bit. I put colours on both sides of the sponge brush to give it neat look.

 Painting 2 is a bit more muddled.

 Sorry I couln't get it rotated...
but thats his first one. I will be keeping that one and will repaint over the other one.
Dont you just love the paint brush bristles? I used another paint brush that didnt come with the kit and Zeke was a bit rough with it.    
Mommy did this one :)

and a video of him painting: 
do you recognize the background music?


Vroomans' Quilts said...

My kids started 'painting' the same way - and the bristles stuck in the paint too, lol!

Kendra said...

I love it!!! He did such a great job!

Pokey said...

He's really into the painting! I kept waiting to see him pop the paintbrush in his mouth, lol
"And I want to paint it black..."

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