Sunday, March 27, 2011

inside-out quilt

(AKA-No Binding Quilt)
OK- I dont know what this method really is called. Im sure it has a name. 

This was the very first quilt type I made two years ago.
Its great for a fluffier quilt- like a tied quilt. 

Thsi black and white quilt story can be found here

1. layer batting and back and front (right sides together)

2. baste either with pins or thread. 

3. sew all the way around with a 1/4 inch on the top
(i pinned most- but wanted this side to be straighter so I thread basted it.)

4. DO NOT forget to leave an opening.... dont ask me how I know....
10-12 inches? would work

5. Trim to the top 1/4 inch

6. Trim corners- gives a sharper corner.

7. pull corners into the middle of quilt and then pull though opening

8. there you have it

9. I dont have the pictures- but you then need to blind stitch the opening shut

10. baste and quilt. (I hope to do this in the next little bit and not be a WIP too much longer)

I will likely be tying the middle and quilting the sashing. I havent decided too much yet with this one. 


Vroomans' Quilts said...

This method is called "birthing" a quilt. I love the black and white and the extra touch of red on the back is delightful. Hope you show us the finish, too.

Duffman said...

Up until now I think I've been able to follow your quilting posts for the most part. But you lost me with this one. So much jargon to absorb.

Totally awesome you have an interesting hobby that has a HUGE network of people you can rely on.

Oh... I also like black & white & red all over too!

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