Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ikea shelf

I wanted to take out Baileys cage. But I used it for storing the dirty bibs on it. 
I needed a replacement.

 I searched online and a few stores looking for the perfect replacement- its hard!!
I thought about coffee tables, end tables, hutches... all manor of storage.

I went to Ikea (1.5 hours away) when I picked up Dave from the airport (only 15 min away from ikea)
We saw about 3 or 4 things we could use but we knew we found the right thing.

As you know- Ikea has great uses of Allen keys- and if you have ever put something together using them- your hands hurt afterwards!
Looks at this plastic piece that came with the allen key- its removable so you can use either side of the allen key. 

Here is is in use! 
Top bin for washclothes
middle bin for clean bibs
bottom bin for dirty bibs!

Im so happy!
Yay, Ikea!


Cheri said...

That's a very nice shelf. And that tool handle is a keeper.

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