Sunday, April 3, 2011

Moms Mug Rugs

Back when I started making the Mug Rugs  I found some fabric that I had bought for my parents with no plan in mind.
They are RVers who go to Florida from Canada for about 6 weeks each year. The fabric with the road signs called to me and I bought a fat quarter. 
When I went though my stash looking for fabric to pull for other mugs rugs I found it again along with the vacationing alligator.
I knew what I had to do!

I fussy cut the alligators for the front.

easting watermellon

buried in sand


drinking lemonade 

I brought them to Florida with us. Mom and dad came to visit us there!

My mom liked them!
she likes bright colours (especially yellow) like me.

Dad was a bit confused as to what to use them for! 
he was quickly educated.

I made them for mom to use in the trailer but she has plans to use them at home too!

I made her 4 (opposed to the 2 I made for others) so that when she had company at the trailer she could put them out for her friends. 


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Hey, men don't understand using a coaster! I love your mug rugs - the travel 'mugs' are great for an RV'er.

Nelly Schilstra said...

they are even nicer then the photos show:) I like it that they are reversible too!Thanks Debbie!!!

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