Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patrick's day with Zeke

1st clip- i tried to catch his new "face"
got it in the second one.
3rd clip - his dad does that finger thing when excited and is being funny, Zeke picked it up. the sounds are all his own.
4th- man- rocking a horse is serious work until I see mommy smile :


Pokey said...

I've had to watch this more than once, how do you keep from grabbin' him up for lovin' ALL the time?!? He's quite the cutie, Debbie! thanks for sharing 'im.
oh, yeah, that b/w quilt top is great, too!

Unknown said...

How precious reminds me of mine when they were little.

Unknown said...

By the way Jordan is me Tonya Bowman just to let you know

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