Thursday, March 24, 2011

husband cheat card

ok- Nan at Pots and Pins is giving away a quilt. To enter you had to go to her guest post at Sew We Quilt@Stash Manicure and comment there and go back to hers and post there.

I you really should go check out this post and read why she did this.

But I will share with you the best part!

Husband's Quilting Comment Card
(To be memorized and used whenever and 
where ever fabric is involved.)
 1.  I love your use of color - it speaks to me.
 2.  What a unique choice of fabric!
 3.  That quilt reminds me of my grandma!
 4.  Where shall we put it?  In the entry?
 5.  Can I take it to work to hang it in my office?
 6.  I want a picture of you holding it.
 7.  Did you strip piece this?  Will you strip for me?
 8.  Your stippling has really improved!
 9.  It just makes me want to curl up in it!
10. It's your best quilt yet - definitely my fav!

( a print out with  compliments )

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