Sunday, March 20, 2011

free motion

I have a sewing machine that was pretty cheap at Walmart.

I recently bought a free motion foot for it and decided to give it a try today.

first attempt. Not so good. This was the back.

the front (well i flipped it over first to make it show on this side)

my machine

oh look! #35 is for quilting (see the little Q)

this is where I switched from regular stitch (on upper left of seam ripper) 
to the quilting stitch (right of seam ripper)
Much better!

the front

Still a few mistakes- but MUCH better

Any tips of tricks for free motion quilting?


Pokey said...

It's neat that it has a button for quilting! I have no tips, I just kept practicing. And those practice pieces make good table runners, hot pads, place mats....

Cathy said...

prqctice practice practice

Lot has to do with your tension but since you seem to have a preset quilting stitch-that should solve those worries. I found it helpful to watch some videos of other people doing free motion quilting. : )

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Flo over at has been posting her experiences as a new FMQ'er.

The big thing is to get the weight of the quilt up off the machine so it isn't pulling. A large table, a raised platform/clip on table bed or if you can get a table where your machine sits in it so everything if flat (there are free table patterns on-line). A silicone pad to help the quilt 'glide' - I just use some wax paper a lightly rub down surfaces. Quilting gloves - substitutes - finger cots, rubber gloves, nubby gardener gloves. They help you ease the quilt along rather than pulling it.

And practic.....

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