Monday, January 3, 2011

We got a new car!

ok- so its not a car- Its a 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan.

It was on a used lot near our house- CarsPlus. We started looking with the thought that we would be buyin in spring. Then we saw this van. It was a great deal (esp compared to another used 2010 caravan at a local dealer)

These first 5 pictures were taken from CarsPlus' website.

a lot more space

even with the seats all the way back the car seat was fine!

This is our old car- 2008 PT Cruiser

It had A/C issues and body damage and limited space for storing stuff.

old car behind new one

see the body damage? They gave us a good trade-in price for it.

We got it home!
Dave was happy!


Tonya said...

They are not gold fish in the seat yet, Zeke has not broke it in good yet or vomit like my niece did in my car and it was not 2 weeks old yet.

Corrie said...

oh you lucky girl! I'm driving a 2002 old kia carnival and hate it! finally in april I am getting a new car and can't wait! looks lovely! my family would fill out that car in an instant and I must say I know all the 7 seaters on the market out here in australia!


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