Monday, January 3, 2011

First Paid Babysitter aka- New Years Eve dinner out

Well Let me just say before I go on about my topic today - that Zeke weaning himself isnt so bad. I left him during the day with his Daddy while my family who was visiting and I went shopping for 6 hours.

Ok- We have had babysitters before and have left them milk in a bottle etc. But they were friends and adults. They just loved spending time with Zeke and didnt want to be paid.

This time we got a girl from our church to watch Zeke while we went out to dinner on New Years Eve.

This brought back SO many memories for me. I kept reminiscing about when I got picked up for babysitting jobs- the smell (he was a smoker), the anticipation, the tad bit of worry, what kind of snacks did they leave out? - you know all that stuff!

I got over the worry thing pretty quick. I babysat almost every week (some times a bit less sometimes more) for one family in particular. I did this from the time I was 12 (i think) until I left for college at almost 18 when my sisters took over.)
This is a long time. When I started they only had 2 children so I saw 2 more born into the family. The youngest I babysat was at 6 weeks old.
We have agreed on a trade off- I can claim that I raised their kids and they get to say they bought me my first car and some of college!

So back to our sitter. I think she enjoyed herself. She brought along a movie and homework and a book. I think that she even got to do all 3!
BUT she didnt touch the snacks!
I barely remember a time for that family that I didnt eat the snacks- I mean common! I was a teenager!
But I remember that feeling of going to new peoples houses. It didnt feel quite right.

Dave and I very much enjoyed our dinner with the Joyners. We didnt even talk about our kids (much) and just had a good night out! We need to do that again.

I hope to get this sitter again and again- Now I just need to convince Dave to go out!


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