Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Schools out.

Ok- I dont have any kids in the school system- But I have friends who do.

We are in NC.
I understand that they are not equipped to handle a lot of snow.
They are not used to it.
I know.
But come on.

Here is how the last 3-4 days have gone:
Monday- Snow started really early in the morning. at 4 m I ran out when the snow stopped for a bit. roads were not that bad on the main roads but the side roads were snow covered.

Tuesday- snow stopped though the night but not all roads cleared. We went to get groceries  in the late afternoon and the roads were better, Ok on main roads and secondary roads. our little side road was not cleared much and Im guessing the back roads were not at all. Melting occurred all day.

Wednesday- no new snow but the melted snow had refrozen so schools were cancelled again for the third day. It was warming up and we had plows and sanders on our road. Wednesday afternoon we heard that Thursday school is cancelled.

Thursday- school cancelled. Why? I dont know.

(UPDATE: Caldwell County Schools will operate on a 3-hour delay Friday, January 14th. Limited bus transportation will be provided.)

Thats 4 days off! not bad eh?

Growing up in Ontario we know how to deal with snow- but we do have the equipment to help.
We also have snow days built into the school year.

Here they do not.
When they have snow days here they have to take them from already existing holidays. According to a friend they have lost MLK day and Memorial day. And 2 PD days.

When I told dave this this is what he said:

 Dave:  gees folks, buy your kids some gloves and a "tobogan"... then go to school, grab an encyclopedia, and have them explain to you when they get home why your "tobogan" isn't useful for sledding.

The first while we were here we didnt realize that their hats (toques) were called toboggans. Very odd.

any how... We had 2 days with daddy working from home and played outside both days. 

Dave did a write up here for the second day

and I have pictures from the first day, click here to go to the picasa site and see them bigger.


Unknown said...

I haven't been in the basement in a while. Did you make a playroom for Zeke?

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