Saturday, January 8, 2011

A 2 year old girls birthday party

Zeke got invited to one of his church friends 2nd birthday party.

R is a cute girl with an older sister.

This birthday party was great for all kids. It was a party in reverse.

We started with blowing out the candle on the cake followed by Pizza and then Presents.
(my mom always had us do presents last so we didnt have to open them and share them with the guests right away)

We then all packed up in the cars and headed out to Morganton to Bouncing Kids. Bouncing Kids is a big room filled with those inflatable bouncy castles. They had a dragon, a round bouncer, some slides and a kids area.

I got a pass as well so I was able to go in with zeke in these bouncy castles. He LOVED it!

All the kids enjoyed it. The age ranged from (almost) 15 months to 6 years (I think) and all the kids had a blast. The older kids could do more but the younger ones also had a great time!

I have added the slide show below (a video at the last pic if you click on it to go to the Picasa page)

Dave posted on his blog as well.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me to check my email! We really appreciate your pics and post! Hope to have a play date soon! Bday Parents

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