Thursday, June 26, 2008

wow- here is a very breif recap- i will fill it in later when i have a chance.

went up the tower
rain storm on way to dinner
watched Germany beat Turkey

rain in am
went to castle
road the tram
to a movie

did laundry
bought some fruit.
supper out
watched part 2 of the first lord of the ring movie

train ride
major long hike sraight uphill(im not over exaggerating)
went to bridge to look at castle
went to castle - it was insperation for walt Disney cinderella castle
toured it
went back to train
met people on train
went for dinner with people from train.

now its late and time for bed.

We are off to amsterdam for 4 days- then to paris on friday. This is vaction for us and i might not get to the blog much!

i will fill this one up later!


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