Thursday, June 5, 2008

museum of archeology

Tuesday I didnt do too much.
I did some laundry and groceries. Dave and I went out for supper and come home to see that the tv was working again. But since we bought a couple DVDs we watched one of them. Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. We will leave the movies here since we wont be able to play them at home.

Yesterday was a good day.
I headed out to the Museum of Archeology and spent the day there.
When i was 5 minutes from there it started to spit and when i reached it it started to rain. I ate lunch in the cafe there.
At the museum they had some bodies that were found in the bogs. They were quite well preserved. The one was only a torso and arms. The hands on it looked like they were still alive, just blackened. It was kinda creepy though.

It was still raining when I left so I went over to the mall to see if i could find a sewing kit and a new poof (mine broke in the shower that am). Do you think I could find anywhere that had a sewing kit? no one even knew where to tell me to look. I finally found some thread at the grocery store near the apartment. I had a small kit with me but Dave and I both had buttons fall off here and I wasnt sure that I had enough thread.

Last night we said good bye to our room mate. He's off on vacation for just about 2 weeks. He will be back at the apartment during the week that we leave. (so ryan - we are asking him to fwd it)

Today I have vacation planning stuff today for the next few weeks.


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