Friday, June 6, 2008

what have i done?

Looking back over the last 2 days I realized that I haven't done a whole lot.
On Thursday I booked our passage from Ireland to London. We will be taking a ferry and a train to get there. It will be an all day trip- but thats ok. We will be staying in a corporate apartment. It was a sunny day so I enjoyed the walk to the travel agent.
On the way back I found a Christian book store. It was kinda small with a limited novel section. They had a lot of gift type things and biographies. I did end up buying a book though. Then I came upon a mall (Jervis shopping center) that I had seen but not went into. Since I had to use the facilities I ventured forth. I was successful in finding the bathroom and they didnt charge!
I took a short gander around and decided I should come back. On the way out I spied a book store and right in the door way beckoned a 50% off this book sign. I had to investigate. I read the first few pages and decided it was worth a read. It ended up being E5. not bad!
Dave and I had decided that we would go out for supper that night. We went to The Blue Goose. It was pretty good food. They served A LOT! good eats.

That brings us to today. Friday. Dave told me this morning that he would be home early. Since I'm usually home I didnt worry about it. I stayed in my PJs reading and chatting online when I decided that I better do something. I took a walk down to the mall again. This time my mission was to procure a sketch pad and pencils. I also printed a couple pictures from my camera that I thought would be interesting to try to sketch. I came home, read some more and waited til Dave came home. We went and got a couple groceries and made supper- it was yummy if i do say so (and dave said so too) rice, pork chops, squash and garlic bread! sounds like a weird combo- and it was. But yummy anyways.

I uploaded some new pics- check them out!

We had someone open the door tonight. Turns out that hes here for just one night because he was too late to get to where he had to go. Barely noticed him since he got here. Now hes gone to town and will be leaving in the morning. oh well.

well- we have to get up early to go on the train ride. We are leaving the house at 6 am. So I better get some sleep.


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