Friday, June 20, 2008

Done in London

Well tonight we are packing up our stuff to head to Germany tomorrow.
We have done a lot over the last few days.
Here is a brief recap of what we have done.

London Muesum- we saw a lot of cool things and had a couple tours of different collections. We didnt know what we wanted to do afterwards so we headed down to the theater district to see what kind of deals we could get.
Spamalot- apparently it was a deal for Spamalot but it was the same price at home with exchange rate. for 2 tickets it was $150 CAN. Oh well- we went for it! It was soo much fun. It was a Monty Python play based on the Holy Grail. It also incorporated a few of the skits that were done as well. It was great! Dave thinks it was his fist musical that he saw live. We even had good seats- near the middle of the first section- about 30 rows up. Dave didnt want to see it when it was in Toronto, didnt want to see how badly the ripped off the movie but being in London (it was a British TV series and movies) he thought that we could try it. He had a great time and since it was directed by one of the Pythons it was very close to the movie.

Temple church- We went looking for the Temple Church that was in the DaVinci Code. We knew where to start since it was pointed out to us on our pub tour. We found it but it wasnt open to the public until later that day, so we were unable to go in. But we found it.
St. Pauls - From there we went to the Cathedral Church of London. We took a guided tour of it and learned its history. It was built after the great fire of London in 1666. St. Pauls then survived WW11 by a team of volunteers who put out fires on to roof of it during fire bombings. It was the center of town and peoples lives and loosing it would have people loose heart, which Hitler knew and specifically targeted. After the tour we climbed up and up and up! it was 150ish steps up to the whispering gallery. Its acoustics are such that when you whisper something to the wall it travels around the room to the other side. then another 200 some steps up to the outdoor lookout. That was in a very small spiral staircase with a seat to rest only every so often. but the staircase going back down to the whispering gallery was a bit smaller and had wooden steps. This made it harder for me. Going back down from whispering gallery played tricks with Daves eyes and gave him a bit of vertigo .
Tower of London- From St. Pauls we headed over to the Tower of London. This was a cool place and we were just on time for a guided tour. We learned that its still a palace and that the king or queen can still go live there if they wish. The tour guides live there and pay rent. They are essentially the queens body guards. In order to get that job you have to be in the military for at least 22 years and have at least one medal and one other type of recognition. The tower has a long history of buildings and such. I recommend going and taking one of the tours.
swimming- We came home and went for a swim.

Science Museum- We spent a good part of the day here. It blows Toronto's science museum out of the water! They had soo many hands on things that we spent most of our time playing!
Holy Trinity Church- Near by there was the Holy trinity Church. Some of you might recognize it if i say the head minister is Nicky Gumble. We had to go and see since we were that close. We were going to go in but there was a wedding reception happening in the gardens so we didnt go in.
dinner with a Googler- We had supper at a fish and chips place with one of Daves coworkers. It was yummy!

there- thats finally updated!


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