Tuesday, June 24, 2008


wow- time has flown,
I will update my last blog after this one is posted.
We have not done that much in the last few days when I think about it. On Saturday we left London and got on a train. We had to take 3 different trains to get to Munich. That means 2 transfers. When we booked the tickets, we didnt realize that we had 20 minutes to catch the one and only 10 to catch the other. And of course the train was delayed a bit so we had only 12 minutes to catch the first one.
We made both of them just in time. We arrived in Munich and basically had supper and watched some tv and went to bed. (oh- its all German except CNN- yay)

On Sunday we took a walk into the city center. The whole city isnt that big! We saw the Munich Glockenspiel. Its a big coo coo clock tower that has moving figures. We then wandered over to the HUGE park on the other side of town. There is a river that runs through it and where it enters the park it creates these waves that surfers ride. It was pretty cool to see. They would stand on each side of the fiver (20 feet across?) and take turns riding this wave. (I will be posting pictures but not sure when as the internet is a bit shaky here) we continued walking along the river watching people propel by. The river runs fast and shallow (3 feet?) and there are signs for no swimming but that doesnt stop people from hopping in and being washed away down stream.

We walked for a while and then heard music. We followed the music and ended up at the Chinese Tower Beer Garden. We found a map of the park and we were only 1/2 way through it. I mean this park is huge! after hanging out here and having a coke and ice cream we took a bike taxi back to the main part of town. For supper we had a Donner kelbab. Its like a thick pita filled with meat and lettuce and tomatoe and sauce and whatever other topping you like. For those who may know- its like a Shawarma. It was very good. The people there only knew a few words of English but it said on a sign that it was Halal, which is a certain quality of food required by Arabs. So we figured that it had to be ok. It was really good! We came home and watched Braveheart on Dave's Laptop

On Monday, Dave headed off to work and it was my job to figure out where and how to do the laundry. I asked the guy at the front desk and he told me of a place that he biked by each day. So I walked that way- man oh man does laundry get heavy! There was a sign in English of how to work the machine but not of where to get the soap or token or anything else. The lady working there did not speak English at all. There was a guy doing his own laundry and must have seen how lost I looked. He started helping my by pointing to things. I gave him my money and he put it in the machine and got the soap and tokens and helped me start the machines. When my laundry was done he was gone but another man was there and he spoke some English. This was good. He showed me how to use the spinners and then the dryers. I'm very thankful for strangers help!

I came home and vegged in my room. After lunch(3:30?) I went out for a bit and was caught in a rainstorm. I waited it out by going to the grocery store and getting a few things. It maybe lasted 20 minutes at the most but everything was soaked!! Mind you it was dry again by 6.
Dave and I went for supper and came home and watched part one or the first Lord of the Rings. Thats how bored I was of CNN.

It is very Hot again. It was hard going from 18C weather (maybe 20C) to 25C +. Today its supposed to be 29C- blah! I have decided that I like a bit cooler weather. Mind you the heat doesnt feel as bad today as we are getting used to it. And I havent left the hotel yet.
I woke up this morning feeling nauseous like i had indigestion. I came down for breakfast with Dave (who now has my cold full fledged and Im over it) and I couldnt eat a bite, well i forced 2 down of toast with jam. I came back to the room and almost fell asleep on a chair so I went to bed and just got up at 2:30. Im sure I could have slept more (as I had fallen back asleep many time this morning) but I made myself get up!
**disclaimer** mom said this sounds like i was pregnant- im not, but i didnt want to post that I went to the toilet twice and felt better :P, but because of that I now did post it :P
I am now in the lobby where its a bit cooler and the internet is a bit stronger.
Tonight we are having supper with Dave's coworkers. So I dont have to leave til 6:20 and its 4 now

have a good day- and dont forget to read the last blog again as I will be updating it.


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