Monday, October 17, 2011

Leo's visit here= the end

Leo has been with us for almost a month. 
We have enjoyed his company. He is a laugh and a half even though he can get into trouble!

Here are a few links from his time with us:
then we went to Myrtle beach
and he celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving with us
I have a few more pictures from his time with us. They are a bit mixed up but bear with me :)

First we have Leo at Zekes birthday party

Eating a piece of cake

trying to get re-gifted?

Leo attacking the birthday boy with kisses

Leo then went with Zeke to the pumpkin patch 

choosing a pumpkin

on the wagon ride

At Zekes preschool for Zekes preschool birthday party

one evening we went to the local walking park

tagging along on the stroller

Zeke wanted to hang out with Leo

Zeke giving Leo a ride

Ps- if you want to read about Leos previous adventures you can find them here or you can join in the fun here


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