Monday, October 31, 2011

Renaissance Fair!

Wow- it has been a long time since I posted!

Daves parents and Mine have both been up for Zekes birthday.

I will blog their visits later.

For now I will blog about the Renaissance Fair that we went to in Huntersville NC.

Dave did a great post on it over Here (you should really check it out- its good)

It was the first time any of us have gone to a Renaissance Fair, ever.

We had a blast!!

There were soo many stages to see shows on. you could spend the whole day there and not see everything~!

The bonus of us going this past Saturday is that it was the Halloween day.
They encouraged kids to dress up and go trick or treating at all the booths!

I did most of it for Zeke- BUT after lunch I let Zeke out of the stroller and let him run into the booths to say Trick or Treat. he would often only get out "TREAT".

He would say "TREAT" to anyone in the booth to get the candy. We did have a little problem of him wanting to open the candy right away- but we told him he had to sit in the stroller to eat his candy- it was much more fun to run to all the booths!

Here is some pictures from the day- Enjoy.


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