Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween candy division

So- How do/ did you deal with Halloween candy?

did your kids get to keep it all?

did you divide it between everyone?

did you sneak candy from your kids?

Here is what my parents did with us growing up.

There were 4 of us kids bringing in candy for a few years.
After we got home mom and dad would dump all the candy in the middle of the table.
It would all be sorted out by type of candy- gum in a bowl, chocolate in another, chips in another etc etc.

We would then be allowed to take some - I think 10?) pieces each.

The rest of the candy would be put up on a shelf and every day mom would let us pick out 2-3 pieces to add to our lunch boxes. Sometimes we would get some after school, a special treat etc.

This was a fair way to deal with it, especially once me and my brother stopped trick or treating. The haul would often last well past the first week- usually lasting the whole month of November.

My parents also got some of the treats. I'm sure they ate their favourites first! (as we all do)

As you can see in that picture above, I have already sorted out the candy into groups and they are now in a couple bowls.

I think I may continue what we did with mom and dad- but we will see.

so- what do you do?


Pokey said...

We divided along the same lines as you did! Besides, the candy didn't taste good if you kept the chocolates with the fruity stuff. If there was any left after Thanksgiving, it was tossed. There is always yummy goodies through to the New Year, and we just lost interest.

I remember my Daddy always got the Reese does Larry...

Duffman said...

I honestly don't remember. I stopped trick or treating around Grade 6 or 7. I went to someones door and they told me to go away because I was too old!

I remember we dumped it in a pile for our parents to inspect. Then we got to pick 3 or 4 to eat right then (usually any pop, chips, or chocolate bars).

I don't remember them putting it away and us having to ask for it. But after going overboard that night we never had too much after that. I remember keeping mine in a bag in my room & packing some for my lunch at school.

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