Saturday, November 5, 2011

Google reader

Reading your blog posts though Google Reader is great except you cannot see the actual blog layouts.

here is a tip I got from Scary Mommy

Finally, a tip for design loving blog readers: If you read blogs through Google Reader, but miss actually seeingthe blogs, this is the answer you’ve been waiting for: Logged into your Google account, go here and click on the Goodies tab. Once you “Put Reader in a Bookmark,” you will be able to read the posts from your readerintheir actual blogs. You get to see the blog post in the pretty design, and the blogger gets the page-view. Win, win for everyone.

EXCEPT it hasnt been working for me since they changed the Reader Layout!

I will update this when it works again. 

EDIT: it works again!! yay!

I have blogged this so I have the info handy for when i need to do it again.


Duffman said...

My issue is that I like to read the blogs in my Google Reader account from my iGoogle page gadget or my Google Chrome gadget. I'll try switching it out for my Chrome Gadget (if I can).

But at work I'm stuck with IE so I use my iGoogle page primarly.

Debbie said...

cool advice - I never knew that. I seldom go to google reader anymore but this makes me want to.

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