Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial day weekend project

Our backyard backs onto a creek and one section gets flooded out at least once a year. We also have normal erosion from rain washing our yard into the creek. 

(Dave's blog Here he has a better story style than I)

We talked to a friend of ours to see what we could do 

He suggested to make a berm with a rock spillway thing (I dont know what its called)

so we dug out the edge and filled it in with dirt

Zeke watched from the window when I got him up from his nap.

then he wanted to help

shoveling dirt into the wheelbarrow.

The filler we used was this hump in our backyard that we want to flatten. 

We followed up with top soil.

digging up the top soil

Dirty!! (and we even cleaned him up a bit)

helping bring the plants 

getting mulch

and its done!

I got a bit dirty.


Kendra said...

Debbie, it looks fabulous!! You guys worked hard this weekend!

Bonnie said...

Very nice. Great job. Hope it helps with the erosion too.

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