Sunday, May 29, 2011

my Holiday weekend

Its Memorial Day weekend here in the states. Its very odd to me still as a Canadian I still think of May 2-4 more often.
May 24 is when we can plant flowers etc but I have had my plants in for almost 2 months already!

My sister came to visit me with her friends and their 4 month old twin girls for the 24 weekend.

Now its our turn.

We have been doing yard work- post later.

but today we had a blast.

First we went to Church and Sunday School- I love my church family.

Then we came home to change clothes (Zekes overalls came off themselves once he took his arms out!) and head up the mountain to Banner Elk. They were having their 3rd annual Herb Festival.

Now why would we want to go to a Herb Festival? Because our friend John Leland Green (and lead guy in our church's praise band) was preforming on his own up there and we went to support him.

Zeke managed to have fun while we were watching John

 We then went to do some geocaching!
 And found this:

Zeke wanted to grab some flowers.
I did this with my camera

Love <3


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