Sunday, April 17, 2011

Maternal instincts

ok- silly title.

My parents (Zeke's maternal grandparents) came for a short visit on the way home from Florida. 

They were here for 2 nights (one day spent with us)

During that time they got to play outside with Zekes. My dad (Pake - pronounced Pa-ka) taught Zeke a different use for the slide as well as how to properly go down it.

"...and you put your feet like this"

hehe- look at dad- he was into this!

They spoiled Zeke and let him sit on their lap during lunch...
and shared french fries

but later Zeke shared his animal crackers.
(love his little smile/smirk)

So happy together!!


Unknown said...

just doing our job, Debbie.... spoiling the grandkids:)
btw, its not a difficult job with a sweetie like Zeke!

Kendra said...

Oh, Debbie, you're so lucky they come to visit so often - it seems like they're there all the time! I love it, and I know you guys do! :)

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